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Welcome to CreditMD.com. Credit MD has been a long time coming and was born as a result of my witnessing tens of thousands of individuals in need of money applying for loans and being turned down. Even more disturbing for me was watching people in need, actually end up in a worse credit and financial position than when they began, often confused and left without help or meaningful answers. The purpose of this site is to educate and support anyone who wishes to improve their financial standing. We offer basic information and advice that is often hard to find in today's complicated and sometimes unfair credit climate. There is a $6.00 recommended donation to help us improve our community and bring in more quality information for our members. Above all we want you to play an active role in this fledgling community and work towards your brighter financial future. We recommend you begin your exploration of this site by creating a profile and reading my book included here free of charge for your free use and benefit.

Warm regards,
Kurt Artecona
Founder CreditMD.com

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